With a Cherry on Top? Four Ways to Top Your Cake With Pizzazz.

With all the customizations offered today there are so many ways a couple can express their personalities and interests through their wedding cake.  Besides being able to choose outrageous colors and fanciful flavors (hello chocolate raspberry chip), there’s an even wider selection for cake toppers. Image

The days of seeing the traditional bride and groom in formal attire atop the cake are gone, now there are so many different trinkets and symbols a couple can plop on the top of their cake.  Here are just a few ideas that may help a couple think outside the (cake)box when it comes time to select a topper.    


I’m not sure if this has to do with the ever growing health obsession or just the aesthetic appeal of what you can do with fruit, but many cake toppers and adornments are starting to look like fruit bowls. Fruits offer vibrant colors and a match can be found for almost any set of wedding colors.  In some cases, the outside can even match the inside flavor of the cake.  Common options include lemons, limes, grapes and cherries.   


If your favorite furry friends can’t be there for the big day, they can always be there in spirit with an animal themed cake topper.  You can choose common animals like dogs or cats, or go the more exotic route by choosing kissing zebras or cows, or the lovebirds can even be birds themselves.  The animals depicted can be showing affection by kissing or be dressed to the nines in traditional wedding attire.  One of my favorite animal toppers showed the traditional bride and groom in formal attire, but the couple’s dogs were also on the statue.  They were even customized so they were the same breed and color as the actual dogs.


Talking about customization leads me into a third trend, depicting common hobbies on the cake topper.    This offers the couple a great way to get personal and show off a hobby or passion that they share, or maybe even brought them together.  Some examples are baseball, archery and tennis.  Outside of the sports world, some couples may be into motorcycle riding or playing a favorite musical instrument.  It’s also a neat idea to depict something work related if the bride and groom have similar occupations.


Monograms seem to be popping up everywhere lately, and wedding cake toppers are no exception.  Having a monogram allows a couple to finally see their names together as husband and wife and for the bride to show off her new last name.  There are many ways a monogram can be put on a cake.  It can be in icing, glass, or even a wooden cut out.  They can be colored to match the theme of the wedding, have all kinds of patterns or even be blinged out.

There is definitely more to think about when choosing a cake topper today.  Non-traditional cake toppers are a great way to add a bit of fun and personality to any cake.